Follow These Guides to Prepare, Plant and Maintain Your Favorite Flower to Grow Healthy

Favorite Flower

You should agree that flower will make your garden looks more beautiful and interesting. A wide range of colors and good fragrant make your house look incredibly amazing. If you want to start planting flowers in your garden, we will guide you how to plant and maintain your flowers. There is one thing you should do before planting them. Prepare your flower garden is your key success. You should get the best soil in order to make your flowers grow healthy and strong. Select the right location with sufficient sunlight. You know that sunlight helps the plant to photosynthesize. Last, decide your flowers that you are going to plant. You should know that your flowers are growing is a perennial or annual. In fact, growing from seeds, small plants, bulbs, or cuttings require the same focus.

After you have done with them. It is the time to plant your flowers! Dig a hole first. If you grow flowers from seeds, the seeds are commonly buried 1/4 inches or 0.6 cm deep. And, if you plant your flower in the pot, dig a hole as deep as the root ball that it comes with. If you grow from small plants, you should get out the flowers from the pot or a plastic. You can water them to drench the soil. You do not require to bury them deeper. Next, feed your flowers, add few tablespoons of water to the bottom of the holes and gently combine it with the soil with your fingers. Your holes are ready, plant your flower now! Place one plant in one hole and use your hands to fill the empty spaces. Do not use much soil on the top of the plant.

Maintaining your or player flowers is your next move to grow your flower healthier. Water your flowers regularly. The moderate-intensity of water will much better than the heavy-intensity of water. It is common to add several cups of water to each flower closer to the soil. The best time to give water to your flowers is in the morning before the sunrise and in the afternoon before the sundown. Remove weeds when they appear, you will have a beautiful flower garden at the front of your house. In fact, they also take nutrients from the soil, it may cause your flower unhealthy. Do not forget to cut deadhead of your flower off, it will help to stimulate new flower to blossom. And, let your flowers blossom beautifully and healthy.

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