Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Flowers

Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Flowers

Flowers have been used for many things on various different occasions. And, flowers also is usually symbolized as complex emotions like remembrance, love, and fidelity. And, today, most of the people send a bouquet or arrangement of a flower to express their feeling like I love you, I am sorry, or Thank you. Flowers is one of the most beautiful things in the world. In fact, there are many interesting facts you did not know about flowers and we will tell you below!

The first interesting fact about a flower you should know that there is the smallest flower in the world. You can find this tiniest flower in Sumatra, Indonesia. This flower is known as a Sumatra native called Titan Arum. It gives out a stink like a dead body. Because of that, Titan Arum is commonly known as the corpse flower. However, the corpse flowers also can be said as the tallest flower in the world which stands up to 3 meters tall. How much do you know about flower species in the world? According to some scientists, more than hundreds of thousands (2700.000) of flowers exist in the worlds. And, you should know that around 35,000 of those are diverse species of roses. Wow! And some of them are culturally valuable and rare flower worldwide.

Do you know the mother all of the flowers in this world? The answer is the Archaefrucus sinesis which was found as a fossil by the https://multibet88.cc scientists in 2002. They thought that this flower has bloomed more than 125 million years ago in China. If you are the person who is Sunflower lover, you should this interesting fact of sunflowers. As you know that the sunflowers have bright yellow color and are charming. Like its name, these flowers really love the sun. And, their heads will change direction to point toward the sun. They move from east to west every day.

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