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We sell all Massachusetts made and produced products.

Here is a small list of some of the judi bola companies we carry.  Shopping local is fun and supports all the businesses in the state of Massachusetts!

Ever So Humble – Walpole, Ma.  Fruit Pies, Cream Pies, Tea Breads & Cakes

Bart’s Ice Cream –  Greenfield, Ma. Available in pints they offer a wide selection of flavors and use all local products!

New England Bee Keeping/Carlisle Honey – Carlisle, Ma.  Made from hives right here on the farm!  Local honey is very healthy for you!  We carry

1lb jars, 2lb jars and large 5lb jars.

Sauces ‘N Love – Lynn, Ma. Shelf stable locally made tomato sauce. Different flavors available!  Handy item to have on hand.

Winfrey Fudge & Chocolates – Rowley, Ma. A great selection of chocolates from dark to milk, creams to nuts.  The fudge has so many great flavors like blueberry, creamsicle, strawberry, penuche, peanut butter and so many more!

Town Farm Gardens LLC – Brookfield, Ma A wonderful husband and wife team make great pickles, relish, chutney and so much more!

Stop by and try some local products!

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1963 – PRESENT

Lanni Orchards, Inc. was started 50 years ago by judi online Pasquale Lanni and his sons.  Today the farm is being operated by the third and fourth generations.  We grow our own apples, peaches, pears, corn, squash, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and so much more!  Our farm stand is open year round to provide you constantly with local products from around the state.  We are now featuring fresh baked bread, fresh baked pies, cakes, tea breads, maple syrup, honey, cheese, vinegars & oils, just to name a few.  Stop by and check out what’s local!

Also, keep an eye out for one of our “Taste of Local” events, which we host every month.

About Us:

We are open year round.  We offer a nice selection of locally made products.

All companies located in Massachusetts.  We are constantly getting new items in all the time!  Check back often.  Upcoming new local items to look for tea, quick easy meals


Lanni Orchards Inc. is currently being operated by the third generation, with some of the 4th generation working!  We always have help from the 2nd generation who originally ran the farm for most of its years!

We currently sell our apples at Hannaford Supermarkets, Market Basket and a few distributors like Costa Fruit and Rochs Produce.

We offer lots of family fun events every month!  Check out our upcoming events page to see what exciting thing is going on at the farm!  Check back often because we will be adding to the page all the time!

Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Flowers

Amazing Facts You May Not Know About Flowers

Flowers have been used for many things on various different occasions. And, flowers also is usually symbolized as complex emotions like remembrance, love, and fidelity. And, today, most of the people send a bouquet or arrangement of a flower to express their feeling like I love you, I am sorry, or Thank you. Flowers is one of the most beautiful things in the world. In fact, there are many interesting facts you did not know about flowers and we will tell you below!

The first interesting fact about a flower you should know that there is the smallest flower in the world. You can find this tiniest flower in Sumatra, Indonesia. This flower is known as a Sumatra native called Titan Arum. It gives out a stink like a dead body. Because of that, Titan Arum is commonly known as the corpse flower. However, the corpse flowers also can be said as the tallest flower in the world which stands up to 3 meters tall. How much do you know about flower species in the world? According to some scientists, more than hundreds of thousands (2700.000) of flowers exist in the worlds. And, you should know that around 35,000 of those are diverse species of roses. Wow! And some of them are culturally valuable and rare flower worldwide.

Do you know the mother all of the flowers in this world? The answer is the Archaefrucus sinesis which was found as a fossil by the scientists in 2002. They thought that this flower has bloomed more than 125 million years ago in China. If you are the person who is Sunflower lover, you should this interesting fact of sunflowers. As you know that the sunflowers have bright yellow color and are charming. Like its name, these flowers really love the sun. And, their heads will change direction to point toward the sun. They move from east to west every day.

Follow These Guides to Prepare, Plant and Maintain Your Favorite Flower to Grow Healthy

Follow These Guides to Prepare, Plant and Maintain Your Favorite Flower to Grow Healthy

You should agree that flower will make your garden looks more beautiful and interesting. A wide range of colors and good fragrant make your house look incredibly amazing. If you want to start planting flowers in your garden, we will guide you how to plant and maintain your flowers. There is one thing you should do before planting them. Prepare your flower garden is your key success. You should get the best soil in order to make your flowers grow healthy and strong. Select the right location with sufficient sunlight. You know that sunlight helps the plant to photosynthesize. Last, decide your flowers that you are going to plant. You should know that your flowers are growing is a perennial or annual. In fact, growing from seeds, small plants, bulbs, or cuttings require the same focus.

After you have done with them. It is the time to plant your flowers! Dig a hole first. If you grow flowers from seeds, the seeds are commonly buried 1/4 inches or 0.6 cm deep. And, if you plant your flower in the pot, dig a hole as deep as the root ball that it comes with. If you grow from small plants, you should get out the flowers from the pot or a plastic. You can water them to drench the soil. You do not require to bury them deeper. Next, feed your flowers, add few tablespoons of water to the bottom of the holes and gently combine it with the soil with your fingers. Your holes are ready, plant your flower now! Place one plant in one hole and use your hands to fill the empty spaces. Do not use much soil on the top of the plant.

Maintaining your or player flowers is your next move to grow your flower healthier. Water your flowers regularly. The moderate-intensity of water will much better than the heavy-intensity of water. It is common to add several cups of water to each flower closer to the soil. The best time to give water to your flowers is in the morning before the sunrise and in the afternoon before the sundown. Remove weeds when they appear, you will have a beautiful flower garden at the front of your house. In fact, they also take nutrients from the soil, it may cause your flower unhealthy. Do not forget to cut deadhead of your flower off, it will help to stimulate new flower to blossom. And, let your flowers blossom beautifully and healthy.

Good Effects of Eating Dried Fruit for Our Health

Good Effects of Eating Dried Fruit for Our Health

You may often find dried fruit on the grocery market, or you may use it as your topping like raisins on your cereals. Dried fruit also can be your healthy snack choice when you are taking a weight loss diet. Actually, dried fruits are fruit that the all water content has been removed through drying methods. That process makes the fruit can stay a longer period of times than fresh fruit. The most common dried fruit you usually find in the grocery market are raisins, dates, figs, apricots, as well as dates. There are other varieties which are coated with sugar like pineapples, cranberries, apples, etc. Besides, this processed fruits will also give good effects to our health, so let’s take a look below!

Do you know that dried fruit still has various nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, as well as micro nutrients? For the information, one piece of dried fruit has the same amount of nutrients like the fresh fruit in much smaller pieces. Dried fruit can have up to 3 times vitamins, minerals, and fiber of the fresh fruit. But, the vitamin C content of dried fruit is much lesser than the fresh fruit. If you love putting raisins on your breakfast menu, it is good and keeps it up! In fact, consuming raisins while watching movie in Nontonfilm88 may help to reduce the possibility of having certain diseases. Many studies say that they have a low insulin index so it does not cause major spikes in insulin levels or blood sugar after eating. High fiber and potassium help to improve blood sugar control, lower your blood pressure, increase your feeling of fullness, decrease inflammatory, and reduce a risk of diabetes type 2.

Dried plums or prunes are good natural laxative which contributes to fighting diseases. They are rich in beta-carotene or vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, as well as potassium. They also contain high fiber and natural sugar alcohol called sorbitol, that is why they have high natural laxative. Next, eating dates is good for those who are pregnant and prevents several diseases. In fact, dates contain potassium, iron, fiber, as well as antioxidants. They are one of the dried fruits which have the richest source of antioxidants and low glycemic index. Eating sufficient dates during the last few weeks of pregnancy will help ease cervical dilation and reduce the need for induced labor in pregnant women. You need to keep in your mind that you should avoid dried fruit with coated sugar which is not good for your health.

Surprising Health Advantages Why You Should Eat More Fruit

Surprising Health Advantages Why You Should Eat More Fruit

Now, you should avoid or skip eating fruits from your daily meals because the fruits have so many advantages for your health. In fact, fruits have so many vitamins, nutrients, as well as mineral which are needed by our body as the source of energy. And, it is suggested to eat raw, fresh, clean, and ripe fruits in order to experience the real benefits of eating fruits.

As one of the richest source of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant, fruits can help your heart in a good health and prevent heart diseases when you get older. The Harvard Medical study showed that individual who eats more fruits are up to 15 percent less to have a heart attack. Fruits may help to promote the healthy blood circulation of bettor body and it lowers your risk of heart disease. Eating more fruits also may cut the risk of diabetes type 2. eating fruits especially berries are linked to reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The high fiber contained in the fruits helps to improve how your body uses insulin. Fruit also keeps you feeling full in order to get rid of unhealthy foods and help to lose your weight gain.

Do you know that when you do not take care of your body, you have higher possibility of developing many types of cancer. Do not worry, because eating more fruits will help to reduce the risk of developing cancer. In fact, fruits are the largest sources of beta-carotene, vitamin C, and phytonutrients that protect your body from any forms of cancer. Eating fruits can also be the best way to increase energy when you have no time or do not take lots of foods. And, fruits can be your healthy snacks for your weight loss diet. In fact, eating fruits contain vitamins, mineral, nutrients which you should not be neglected!.

Tips on How to Choose Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Tips on How to Choose Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

To maintain our health, consuming fruits and vegetables is very important, especially the fresh ones. During selection to preparation, there are many things that we need to consider to get the best benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables. Thus, in this article, we will give some tips regarding how to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. The info is also needed by gambler of the

The list below will explain some suggestion on how to choose and treat fresh fruits and vegetables before consumption:

Choose the fruits and vegetables that are free from damage or bruise: fruits and vegetables with bruises and other damages are great places for bacterial growth. These bacteria will hide and rapidly spread to the rest of the fruits and vegetables. Products with bruises and damages are also less tasty and nutritious.

Squeeze your fruits lightly: other than apples, ripe fruits will have a slightly tender texture. Some of the fruits in which the ripeness can be determined from its texture are avocados, bananas, and pears. These fruits will keep softening on room temperature.

Smell the fruits: ripe fruits will have stronger and sweeter smells. However, you have to be careful to distinguish ripe fruits and rotten fruits, since both of them have strong fragrance. Ripe fruits have pleasant smell, while rotten fruits have unpleasant fragrance.

Pay attention to the color: select the fruits that have even color. To fulfill your daily nutrition needs, it is suggested to consume colorful fruits and vegetables. Each color from vegetables and fruits has different phytochemicals that will help you maintain your health.

Pay attention to the season: some fruits can only be found on certain season, thus, only buy those seasonal fruits during their respective seasons. If you see some seasonal fruits available outside their seasons, there is a chance that the price will be very high due to the nature of its preserving process. They may also got sprayed by ethylene to induce the ripeness, which make it less fresh than buying during the actual season.

Compare its price: checking the price difference between pre-package products and loose products is very important. Loose product can be cheaper than the pre-package one and at some fruit stores, you can actually try the fruit before purchasing, which will help you to choose the best fruits sold on the store.

Store your fruits separately from seafood, meat, and poultry: while you are shopping, make sure to separate your fresh fruits and vegetables from seafood, raw meat, and poultry because it may contain a lot of bacteria that will contaminate your fresh vegetables and fruits.

Wash your vegetables and fruits before consumption: this process is very important bit often forgotten by many people. Washing your fresh products will help you avoiding harmful bacteria and chemical substances used to preserve the vegetables and fruits.

Those are some of the tips to choose the fresh fruits and vegetables, and how to treat them before consumption. Maintaining health starts from eating fresh and healthy fruits, so do not forget to follow these steps on your daily life. And bettors of also needs to do that thing.

Six Tips to Avoid Diseases, Pests, and Problems on Your Plants

Six Tips to Avoid Diseases, Pests, and Problems on Your Plants

Growing plants can be both easy and challenging and is felt also by poker players, especially when it comes to battling against problems, diseases, and pests. This article will give brief tips about things to do to avoid problems, diseases, and pests on your plants.

You can read the tips to avoid plant problems, pests and diseases on the list below:

Correcting plant spacing: if you read on books and seed packets regarding plant spacing, they may seem to be on the generous side. You may be tempted to neglect these suggestions and squeeze as many seeds as possible. However, healthy plants require breathing room that allow fresh air to circulate around these plants. Plant spacing that is too close will not allow any garden watering, rain, or dew to easily evaporate. It will dampened the leaves for a long time which may cause the growth of mold and fungi.

Weed free and tidy: snails and slugs love to hide around damp and dark places, so removing old paving slabs, wood planks, and large stones can help to avoid their occurrence. Old spent plants and weeds are the most favorite place for disease and pests to linger. Removing weeds can reduce the food for the pests.

Plants Disease

Attracting beneficial wildlife: by providing the good habitat and growing certain types of plants in your backyards, you may attract some helpful animals and insects that will help your annual battle against the pests. Birds, hedgehogs, toads, frogs, lacewings, and ladybirds are your allies and attracting them to your garden will be very helpful for you.

Optimizing growing condition: providing the desirable conditions will allow your plants to flourish. You should do a lot of research before planting certain type of plants to understand the general guides on nutrient, watering, soil type, soil pH, and sun requirements. This is the most crucial part of growing a healthy plant. If your plants are healthy, they will be able to withstand diseases and pests better than the unhealthy ones.

Doing crop rotation: planting the same kind of crops on the same area every year may cause an accumulation of diseases and pests that can affect the health of that kind of crop. You need to group your crops as legumes (beans, peas), brassicas, roots, and others (tomatoes, onions, potatoes). Move around your crops every year and make sure the same type of crop is not within the same place for over a season.

Feeding the soil: improving the structure of the soil and adding nutrients will create a rich and healthy soil. Several things you may add to the soil are home-made compost, manure, and other organic matter, either in the end of the season or as a mulch. Chemical fertilizers are not recommended because it may affect the quality of the soil.

The list above already explains about some of the things you can do to avoid plant problems, pests, and diseases. It is impossible to avoid diseases and pests completely, but these tips will surely help you to make it less serious problems. All of the info above is also liked by agen judi bola gambler.

Tips to Grow Many Fruits from Citrus Trees in Your Backyards

Tips to Grow Many Fruits from Citrus Trees in Your Backyards

For those who are interested in growing plants in your backyards, citrus trees can be one of the easiest to grow. It is due to its productive and ornamental nature of the trees. In this article, we will describe some suggestion about how to grow many fruits from your citrus trees.

Here are the tips to plant citrus trees in your backyard.

General guides: the keys to the success of planting citrus are seasonal feeding, occasional deep watering, airflow, quick-draining soil, and sunshine. If you live in area with cold climates, planting the tree in spring is recommended because the soil is warm during this season. For those who live in warm climates including gambler of the Sbobet Casino, planting during fall is acceptable. You can improve your soils by adding a few of garden lime, bone and blood, potash, and cow manures that are well-rotted. To prevent fungal diseases, drainage problems, and collar rot, it is suggested to plant on mounded soil. Feeding with organic pellets and citrus food, and mulching are also recommended to do throughout every season.

Pruning: the trees of citrus do not need any pruning to produce tasty fruit. However, they probably need to be pruned to make sure it fits your backyard. Older trees will get benefits from a big renovation prune in 5 to 10 years after they produced fruits. This big renovation includes reducing branches by half, rubbing branches that face inward, and removing dead wood. By removing the interior part of the branches, the trees will get extra air and light. It also reduce the risk of getting diseases.

Rain Water Citrus

Position: citrus trees need at least five hours exposure of sunshine per day to get optimum fruiting. Plant your trees by facing north, sunny and warm position is the best. In cooler areas, growing citrus trees next to sunny walls, where the radiated heat warms them is the best option. During winter, you can bring the pots inside. Make sure the water you give to your citrus trees is drained away quickly to prevent fungal growth. Check your soil by digging a hole on the potential planting area and fill it with water. The recommended area for citrus planting should drain the water in less than 30 minutes.

Troubleshooting: check the leaves of your citrus trees regularly. If you spots any yellowing leave, it can be a sign of cold temperature, iron deficiency, or the lack of food. To solve this problem, feed your citrus trees with Sulphur, iron chelates, citrus food, bone, and blood simultaneously. You can use Eco Oil by fortnightly spraying it from spring to fall to deter Citrus leafminer, citrus trees biggest enemy, and other disturbing insects, such as mealy bug, scale, and sooty mold. If you find any citrus gall on the branches, remove it to avoid other part of branches getting infected.

Those are several tips regarding planting citrus trees to get a lot of fresh citrus on your backyard. Make sure to pay attention to all of this tips to get the best result of your planting. And this info is also needed by gamblers of judi online in Indonesia.