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​Lanni Orchards, Inc


We carry a great selection of Dom's Meats!

Sausage, steak and chicken

Order your cookie platter for your office party, meeting, children's birthday party or just because.  They are available by the dozen.  Many flavors available, please call our farm stand at 978-582-6246 x26.

Everyone is a part of the local economy. Our goal is to help you understand how important your role is in supporting local businesses through out the area.

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We are currently picking our own:

              *Red & Green Leaf Lettuce

              *Swiss chard







Join us for our August Taste of Local and a preview of our NEW attraction! "Island Adventure"!

​8 am to 6 pm

August 20th & 21st

Large Blue Raspberry Pie

Dancing Deer Cookies & Brownies

purchase locally

Blueberry Festival

July 23rd & 24th

8am to 6pm

Hayrides, play land with bouncy houses, games, bowling, hay pyramid, pyo blueberries & raspberries, special blueberry treats like chocolate covered blueberries and so much more!


yellow, white, purple


Apple Blossom's

​​​​We sell all Massachusetts made and produced products. 

Here is a small list of some of the companies we carry.  Shopping local is fun and supports all the businesses in the state of Massachusetts!

Ever So Humble - Walpole, Ma.  Fruit Pies, Cream Pies, Tea Breads & Cakes

Bart's Ice Cream -  Greenfield, Ma. Available in pints they offer a wide selection of flavors and use all local products!

New England Bee Keeping/Carlisle Honey - Carlisle, Ma.  Made from hives right here on the farm!  Local honey is very healthy for you!  We carry

1lb jars, 2lb jars and large 5lb jars.

Sauces 'N Love - Lynn, Ma.

Shelf stable locally made tomato sauce. Different flavors available!  Handy item to have on hand.

Winfrey Fudge & Chocolates - Rowley, Ma. A great selection of chocolates from dark to milk, creams to nuts.  The fudge has so many great flavors like blueberry, creamsicle, strawberry, penuche, peanut butter and so many more!

Town Farm Gardens LLC - Brookfield, Ma A wonderful husband and wife team make great pickles, relish, chutney and so much more!

Stop by and try some local products!

Open Year Round!

8 am to 6 pm 7 days a week

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